Waterfall Way Hire Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How is equipment safeguarded against the potential spread of pests and disease?

A: All of our equipment is thoroughly wiped down and sanitized after every hire, with veterinarian grade disinfectants, as well as specialised individual treatments as requested. Staff footwear and delivery vehicles are also treated   

Q: If this is the case, do I need to clean the equipment before returning or collection?

A: Yes, we require all equipment be returned free of muck, manure and seeds or a $80.00 cleaning fee will be payable.  


Q: What kinds of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, Pay Pal, Credit / Debit Card,. All hires and deposits must be paid before delivery.

NOTE: A refundable deposit must be paid on collection or booking of the equipment

Q: Why is a refundable deposit required?

Most equipment requires a deposit of $100.00 per hire, which is refunded immediately following the equipment being inspected provided there is no damage nor contamination.

Hire Periods

Q: How long can I hire for

A: Horse float can be hired for a minimum of 4 hours. All other equipment is a minimum of one day hire with the option of multi day hire, weekly equipment or monthly equipment hire.

ID Requirements

Q: What are acceptable forms of ID

A: To hire, we need two items of ID. We accept

  • Current valid drivers licence,

  • A valid credit or debit card

  • A current passport

Equipment Insurance

Q: What are the costs for insurance?

A: Everyone hates insurance costs including us. Rather than on-charge exorbitant fees, we operate a simple user breaks, user pays model.

Hire Restrictions

Q: Who can hire and what qualifications are required (if any?)

A: All hires MUST be over the age of 18, to use any of the equipment. Hirers MUST have a valid Drivers License, and provide for ID

NOTE: If hiring any equipment for chemical use, then hirers must hold a valid Chemical Users Certificate.

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