ATV Harrows - pasture Improvement 

REDBACK Triangle & Chain ATV Harrows for Hire

Ideal for the ATV/SUV user, for manure spreading, harrowing/ aerating, break feeding, levelling sand tracks/arenas and much more.

Just snap and go with adjustable and quick to hitch tow chains. Triangles with aggressive, rigid spikes have been designed specifically to not pull back under strain. A heavy middle bar provides powerful levelling action as well as smashing or materials. This harrow evenly spreads and finishes – rear ring section with no spikes, lays flat and spreads material superbly for a smooth finish.

Should be able to tow behind any ATV 300cc or larger, small tractor


  • 1.75 mtr ( 5ft 6) Wide
  • 16mm     Triangles with spikes - Won’t pull back under strain
  • Middle Levelling bar & 12mm spreading Chain
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    Hitch and go – adjustable chains with quick to hitch D-shackle
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    Designed specially to suit ATV's, Utility Vehicles and small tractors.
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    Wear resistant – high grade steel
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    For Pasture Improvement, arena levelling, manure spreading, seed germination
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    We deliver and pick up

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